Back in the Saddle

You can’t build a business or an audience when you only blog once every six months.

On the other hand, you can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results. Yes, I’ve been off doing different projects other than writing. And my last post here was at the start of 2016.

Why now?

The Artist knows me better than anyone. Most of the time I’m too proud and stubborn to listen to her. But when I do listen I get great advice. She told me over a year ago that I was spinning my wheels here trying to be the expert in the “entrepreneur space” online. And she thought my content was too long and still boring.

Doing something different

The joy of being self-employedI decided to go after an idea I’d been sitting on for two years. I had an honest conversation with Jesus and admitted I was scared sh**less to do it. A someday-maybe dream is a feel-good drug. But going after your dream is like the Spartan Race ; you get bloody and it can hurt like hell.

But I know you have to just start. Yeah, I wrote a blog about that. And I was too scared to do it myself.

I got my balls together and started working on the Beer with Jesus podcast. We launched in April. It was a boatload more work than I expected. Heck, blogging is easier and cheaper. But I love podcasting about something I love.

Keeping home-business fires burning

The Artist and I still make our living refinishing kitchen cabinets. We made a huge marketing decision this year that we won’t be doing any more home shows.

These shows once were our only marketing. I take that back; they were the only marketing that actually worked for us. But we’re getting less of a return every year. We decided to change.

We’re going to switch to online marketing. And I’m working to learn how to make that work for us. No longer can I be lazy about putting content on our website.

Circling back around and getting real

I ignored the part of me that felt fake when I was writing here about being an entrepreneur. I didn’t realize I was trying to be something I wasn’t. Honestly, I don’t even know if I can say what I was trying to be. I know I wrote some good stuff. But the online community just yawned. And I felt my social media promotions had a smudge of snake-oil on them.

Wisdom The Artist gave me

I didn’t do an effective job of promoting my book. The Artist helped me dig in and look at why I failed. I came away with a plan.

I’ve got to start over. I need a new title and cover. The niche I need to focus on is the self-employed rather than entrepreneurs.

And I’ll have to re-brand myself and work on this website too.

I laughed and told The Artist that I’ll be podcasting and creating content for three blogs now. And we still have our home-business to run and our home remodeling project to finish.

But I feel excited.

I’m going to post more than once every six months. Hey, I’d love to say I’ll be here every week. I won’t have a regular schedule yet. But I know a schedule is important. I’ll get it figured out.

And you’ll get the real me here from now on. I promise.



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